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Deliver Projects on Time and on Budget

Empower your team with accurate estimates and consistent efforts.
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Achieve Peace of Mind

As a software leader, you understand the challenges of missed deadlines and inaccurate estimates. Kanpredict is the game-changing platform that helps your developers sharpen their estimation skills and maintain consistent efforts while safeguarding their privacy.
Minimize effort volatility
Boost estimation precision
Protect your developers
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Precise Estimation

Wave goodbye to missed deadlines and disappointed clients. Kanpredict uses advanced algorithms to assist your developers in making accurate estimations for each task.
Accuracy score
Determined by analyzing your developers' past estimates.
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Sustained Efforts

Ensure your developers consistently apply the necessary efforts to achieve project objectives without overextending themselves or experiencing burnout.

Consistency Score

Volatility reduction
Our platform assesses daily efforts to promote consistency and balance.
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Proactive Recommendations

Kanpredict provides tailored recommendations for developers to enhance their consistency and accuracy, while offering managers proactive insights to support their teams in achieving project success.
Data-Driven Insights
Empower your team with actionable guidance.


Experience the Kanpredict Advantage


Privacy-Centric Approach
We prioritize your developers' privacy, ensuring personal performance data remains confidential.
Unique Metrics
Our innovative "calories" system offers a tangible measure of effort, improving consistency and accuracy.
Seamless Integration
Kanpredict easily integrates with your existing tools, streamlining your workflow without disruption
Proactive Recommendations
Our platform provides actionable insights for both developers and managers to drive project success.


Effortless Workflow

Kanpredict streamlines your team's processes with real-time metrics calculation and seamless integration.
Unobtrusive IDE integration
Our platform quietly gathers developer activity data, tracking progress without any additional effort.
Smooth Jira ticket integration
Kanpredict processes Jira tickets automatically, eliminating the need for manual input.
Real-time monitoring
Stay informed about your project's progress with Kanpredict's real-time tracking and make data-driven decisions as needed.

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